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Neuton.AI was part of the STMicroelectronics Technology Tour 2023

We had the privilege of showcasing In-sensor AI at the Technology Tour, which was organized by our partner STMicroelectronics in Santa Clara. The main objective of this event was to provide a comprehensive overview of STMicroelectronics' latest technologies. Our CTO, Blair Newman, presented Neuton.AI's unique capabilities of automatically creating ultra-tiny neural networks and embedding them into programmable sensors such as STMicroelectronics ISPU (Intelligent Sensor Processing Unit) in the "Latest Innovations in Inertial MEMS Technologies" section.


"No more excuses for not using AI" - this phrase became pivotal during the keynote speech by Remi El-Ouazzane, the President of Microcontrollers and Digital ICs Group (MDG) at STMicroelectronics on the ST Technology Tour on December 7 in Santa Clara.

As the official partner of STMicroelectronics in providing AI capabilities for sensors, we are inspired by our partner's focus on this technology. Overall, Remi's presentation was highly engaging and informative. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the details of the presentation.

The keynote delivered by the leader of a hardware company was surprising as it did not mention anything about hardware. Instead, it focused entirely on the new era of edge AI. The speaker, Remi, highlighted that breakthroughs in software technologies often lead to success in the development of hardware companies. He gave an example of how CUDA allowed NVIDIA to make a significant leap in GPU computing. Following this logic, ST announced that developing the industry's best ecosystem of tools for edge AI projects would be their strategic focus. The ST Edge AI Suite has unified its development toolchains into a single stack, making it easier for developers to make edge AI key features in one place.


During the presentation, the most promising aspect was a slide that depicted a blue curve rapidly ascending to the top. This indicated a significant growth in Edge AI Devices, which has been the result of more than a decade of research, development, and deployment of technologies in this field. Finally, we are now witnessing an explosive growth of applications, which makes these times very interesting.


It was twice as enjoyable to present our Edge AI cases that employed neural networks in ST programmable ISPU sensors to the audience, given the promising outlook.


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